Azure Logic Apps — How To Copy Files From SharePoint to ADLSG2

Use Case:
Multiple csv files need to be copied from SharePoint list to ADLSG2 container.

As a Data engineer, I need to build a data pipeline that should read files from a SharePoint list and copy those files into ADLSG2 under today’s date.

Step 1: Create a New Logic App With a Trigger

Logic app schedule trigger
(Logic app schedule trigger)

Step 2: List All Files From SharePoint

Logic App List SharePoint files
(Logic App List SharePoint files)

Step 3: Loop Through All SharePoint Files

Logic apps for loop
(Logic apps for loop)

Step 4: Access File Content Through The Loop

Logic apps get SharePoint file content
(Logic apps get SharePoint file content)

Step 5: Copy File in ADLSG2

Logic apps copy file to blob storage
(Logic apps copy file to blob storage)



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